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Welcome to the website of Broomhill Church of Scotland.

Broomhill Church is situated in the west end of Glasgow, Scotland, in a lively and vibrant parish of more than 1500 homes.

The Church was founded in 1899 as Broomhill UF Church and since 1929 has belonged to the Church of Scotland, the largest denomination in Scotland.

Today, the Church is a busy and active congregation, with organisations and events throughout the week that offer enjoyment and activities for both members and non-members, young.... and the young at heart!

Our congregation of nearly 400 members aims to be as welcoming as possible, and a friendly and warm reception is offered to both visitors and newcomers to Broomhill Church at our weekly Sunday church services.

Further details on the Church, services and activities are available on this website but we are always delighted to provide more information if required.

Enjoy your visit to our website!