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Pastoral Letter

Summer 2017


Over three years ago, I stood in the pulpit of Hyndland Parish Church and preached as Sole Nominee to the linked charge of Broomhill and Hyndland. I wonder if you can remember the sermon?

There’s a challenge for you!

Sometimes, it’s not the words that matter. What matters more is the relationships we enter into, the fellowships we create, the company we have along life’s journeys. You have heard me say often that I don’t really expect the children to remember ‘their talk’ but how at home they feel in the church – that seems more important to me, that our youngsters know from a very early age that the church is part of their life and participating is a norm for them.

Think how relaxed our children can be.

They stroll around at Christmas time.

They are not slow at giving answers back.

They sing even through the Lord’s Prayer (Happy Birthday Kenneth! 56, 66, it doesn’t matter, it’s only a number!)

Back to THAT sermon.

The sermon had as its opening gambit, the reference to the number 1: ‘The number of churches that would be left in Glasgow Presbytery after their Presbytery Plan; the number of points my Scottish team would pick up on that season’s fixtures after starting off in the negatives.... Etc’

The key of course, was that we would be ‘one’.

On the 1st Sunday after Pentecost, the 11th June, both our congregations will vote on the ‘Basis of Union.’ Both Kirk Sessions have already approved it and recommend the Basis to those in attendance for acceptance.

Just before Jesus leaves his disciples and ascends to heaven, he, in that famous passage of John 17, prays for his disciples. He prays:

“... that they may be one just as you and I are one. “(v11)

The core message for the disciples and for ourselves is the word ‘unity.’

We have always recognised that the best way of using our resources and our people power was that we pulled them together and looked at, in a changing world, a better method and approach to meet the new demands of our communities.

Churches need to change – it is as simple as that.

We have never wanted to accept the inevitable downward trend. Nor do we want to be ‘forced’ as Presbytery could, in the changing ministerial resources and the development of a Glasgow-wide plan. We, in both churches have had the common sense and the spiritual one to believe that we are being guided in this particular way.

So, dear friends ‘pray that we be one.’

Rejoice as we are lead to the exciting opportunities that are ahead.

Look forward to new things.

And like the disciples who were first afraid and anxious as Jesus left it to them and then were filled with the Spirit, let’s make a difference to our bigger parish, communicating in ways we never thought possible.

Let’s be ‘one’ together.

One purpose.

One Church.

One foundation in Jesus Christ.

Well done to those who remembered the sermon three years ago!!

Your friend and Minister

George Mackay