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Group Homes Australia is not a traditional aged care facility

Group Homes Australia has developed a residential care model based on the idea that people should be cared for in a home environment. Their homes, which can house six to ten residents, offer 24 hour nursing care, palliative care, dementia care, and respite care. They are more affordable than supported living and offer a more social environment than traditional aged care.

Group Homes Australia is not a traditional aged care facility

Group Homes Australia is an innovative aged care facility with nine Sydney houses offering personalised care to people with high care needs. The homes have spacious, soft furnishings and a focus on daily activities. Staff members handle daily tasks including cooking, cleaning, and engaging residents in activities. The concept is based on the idea of creating an experiential aged care environment. Residents are housed in small groups, which encourages interaction and connection.

It is a residential care home

Group Homes Australia is a residential care home that supports the unique needs of older adults. This type of residential care home is designed to help people in their later years and is funded by the Australian government. It provides 24 hour nursing care for residents with medical conditions or those suffering from dementia.

It is a social hub

A Group Homes Australia is a unique model for providing residential aged care. Residents are placed in small groups that share a common interest. There is a high staff to resident ratio, and trained homemakers help residents with their day-to-day needs. Residents can participate in activities that Group Homes Australia will engage them in daily life, including shopping and cooking. They are surrounded by a vibrant social environment, including communal spaces and outdoor spaces.

It is cheaper than supported living

Group homes provide similar care to assisted living, but can be cheaper. Some group homes offer additional services that assisted living may not offer. Some group homes function more like independent senior living, while others are more like a nursing home.

It celebrates life

The innovative care team at Group Homes Australia have put together a special event for the residents of their care homes to celebrate life. The residents of the homes enjoy a unique model of dementia care with a home-like environment. The homes also support innovative charities like Orange Sky Laundry. Recently, the organization and Heathley announced a partnership, wherein Heathley will fund the construction of new residences in the group’s care homes.

It has a warm and welcoming environment

Group Homes Australia pride themselves on the warm, welcoming environment they provide for their residents. The homes have an excellent staff-to-resident ratio and trained, multi-skilled staff. Residents are encouraged to participate in activities and daily tasks, including shopping and cooking. The staff are compassionate and supportive.