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How to Get a Taxi From Heraklion Airport to Herakli

When you want to get a taxi from the Heraklion Airport, there are a few things you should know. First, it is important to pre-book a taxi online. Second, be sure to check the fare before stepping into the taxi. Lastly, make sure to know the city and district taxi tariffs. In Crete, the latest tariff ordinance was published on July 15, 2015. This means that all taxis within the compulsory driving zone are bound by this tariff. It is impossible to over or undercut the tariff by any means.

Taxis from Heraklion Airport

Taxis from Heraklion Airport are conveniently located outside the arrivals hall of the terminal building. These grey-colored taxis are licensed to carry up to four passengers and are usually reserved for larger parties. If you have more than four people, you should book a van in advance. Upon arrival at the airport, you can wait in the taxi queue or pre-book a van to travel to your hotel. Before you leave the airport, it is important to agree on a price to get you to your destination.

Pre-book a taxi online

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and comfortable taxi ride from Heraklion Airport to your hotel, pre-booking online is the best option. It’s easy to do and ensures you won’t be stuck with the last-minute scramble for cash. Moreover, pre-booking online also allows you to customize your ride. Choose the number of passengers, type of car, and more before making a reservation.

Avoid scams

The best way to avoid taxi scams is to be aware of your surroundings. It is common for taxi drivers to take long routes in an effort to charge more money. This not only increases the cost of the trip but also adds to traffic and kilometres. Furthermore, taxi drivers in Southeast Asia are notorious for demanding valuables from their passengers. So, be cautious of the way in which you act in a taxi. You can photograph the driver’s license and report any suspicious drivers.

Check the fares before getting into the taxi

Before hopping in a taxi in Herakli, it is important to know the fares. You can find these taxi herakli fares on TripAdvisor forums. It also pays to check the meter to avoid being charged more than you expect. Then, once you know the fares, you can negotiate the fare with the driver. In Heraklion, there are a few different ways to go about negotiating the fares.

Avoid overcharging

To avoid overcharging when hiring a taxi in the Greek island of Herakli, you should check the meter of the cab you hire. Most taxis have a set rate per passenger, but extra charges may apply for large luggage or more passengers. To avoid getting overcharged, book your taxi online before you get into it. This will ensure that you only pay when you arrive at your destination.