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How to Wash Patio Furniture Covers in the Washing Machine

If you are a frequent user of your patio furniture, you may have questions about how to wash your outdoor cushions. Most outdoor cushions are made from polypropylene fabric, but there are several tips for cleaning Sunbrella fabrics and polypropylene covers. Follow these steps to get your cushions looking like new. Listed below are some of the top tips for cleaning outdoor cushions. Follow these tips to prevent stains and dirt from damaging your outdoor cushions.

Protecting outdoor cushions from stains and dirt by keeping them indoors

There are several ways to protect your outdoor cushions from stains and dirt. One way is to keep them inside during the rainy season. This way, they can dry out completely and prevent dirt from penetrating the cushion’s fabric. You can also treat these stains how to wash patio furniture covers in washing machine by cleaning them using bleach or a mild stain remover. If you don’t want to use bleach, you can use a mild detergent or water mixed with a cup of vinegar. Then, simply spray the upholstery or cushions with this solution. You should allow the fabric to dry completely before applying the detergent or bleach.

If you can’t keep the cushions indoors, you should protect them with plastic wrap or vinyl adhesives. If you have a heavily used patio, you can also use an upholstery protectant to prevent stains from ruining the fabric. This product can be found at a large hardware store and is safe for all kinds of fabrics. In addition, you should consider storing your cushions indoors to prevent mold and sun damage.

Cleaning polypropylene outdoor furniture covers

When you buy a polypropylene outdoor furniture cover, you might be tempted to throw it in the washing machine. While it looks like cloth, this material isn’t the best option for outdoor use. The cover will need to be hand-washed with a mild detergent to prevent the fabric from becoming faded or damaged. Machine washing will also shorten the life of your polypropylene furniture cover.

Thankfully, there are many steps you can take to clean your polypropylene outdoor furniture covers. First, remove the cushions from your outdoor furniture. Using a mild detergent, wash the cushions on a low cycle and allow them to air dry. Repeat the process if necessary. You’ll be happy you did! Don’t forget to rinse them thoroughly after cleaning. Otherwise, the stains will come right back.

Cleaning Sunbrella fabric

While cleaning Sunbrella fabric is easy, some maintenance is necessary. To ensure your outdoor furniture remains beautiful, you should apply fabric guard after washing. Sunbrella recommends two applications of 303 Products Fabric Guard. If necessary, dry the furniture in the sun before storing. Then, use a mild cleaning agent to remove the remaining soap residue. You can even use a mild bleach solution if you’re worried about mold.

First, remove surface dirt. It may contain bird droppings and other organic material. However, if you don’t want to risk causing stains on your outdoor furniture, consider using a coffee stain remover. It will also remove stains caused by ketchup, grape juice, milk, tea, and other substances. After cleaning, make sure to remove any excess dirt or foam from the fabric before washing.