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Promotional Staff Leeds Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns

Whether you’re looking for temporary retail staff or permanent staff for a permanent location, there are several options available for your Leeds promotional campaign. Push Promotions offers exceptional training and highly motivated staff, who are eager to represent your brand and your clients. Temporary pop-up stores are growing in popularity in the UK, and Push Promotions can supply the retail staff you need for short or long-term contracts. The firm can also provide leaflet distributors to distribute your advertising materials.

Envisage Promotions

If you are interested in a career in promotional marketing, you can find a variety of job opportunities with Envisage Promotions. To keep up with new job opportunities, sign up for The Mandy Network. This Promotional Staff Leeds network will alert you to upcoming opportunities and help you get in touch with potential employers.


While JLE opened during an era of significant economic buoyancy and development in the city, the impact of the project was less apparent in its immediate surroundings. While the financial district of Canary Wharf was particularly affected, Canning Town was largely unaffected. In fact, nearly three quarters of employers surveyed said they had no change in employment following the JLE’s opening. However, 31% of employers did report an increase in turnover.

The promotional staff at Push Promotions in Leeds are exceptionally enthusiastic and well-trained, which ensures that they are well-representative of their clients. These promotional staff can work for short-term or long-term contracts and are suitable for retail outlets, temporary pop-up stores, and other temporary spaces. Leaflet distributors are also provided by Push Promotions and are highly trained in the distribution of leaflets.

Push Promotions

Promotional staff in Leeds can be very helpful to your marketing campaigns. You can hire staff to work at your pop-up shop or event, distribute leaflets or give out samples. These staff can help your business reach the public and increase sales. The staff at Promotional Staff Leeds will be very enthusiastic and positive and will represent your brand positively.