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Real Estate License Renewal – What You Need to Know

Real Estate License Renewal – What You Need to Know

Most states require real estate professionals to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education (CE) coursework and submit a renewal application in order to keep their license active. However, this process differs by state. Some require post-licensing and first-time renewal education to remove the provisional status of a license, while others require fewer credit requirements for subsequent license renewals.

Real Estate License Renewal in New York

Every two years, licensed real estate salespersons and brokers must renew their NY licenses and pay the appropriate renewal fee. The fee is $65 for salespersons and $185 for brokers, which must be paid via your eAccessNY account.

To renew your license, you will need to provide proof of successful completion of the real estate salesperson or broker exam and the required CE. Once your certificate is approved, you can renew your license online through eAccessNY.

In addition, you must send your renewal application to your broker of record who will review it and make a decision to approve or deny it. Once your broker has approved it, a renewal notice will be sent out by the Department of State and a new license will be issued.

You should plan ahead and set up a reminder on your calendar well in advance of the date you need to renew your license, so that you can prepare and take action. The Department of Real Estate sends a courtesy renewal reminder letter 60 days prior to your license expiration, so this is a good time to get a jumpstart on the renewal process.

The New York Division of Licensing Services has changed its requirements for Real Estate License Renewal license renewal. As of July 1, 2021, all licensees must complete 22.5 hours of approved continuing education credits in order to renew their licenses.

All licensees must also have completed an approved Code of Ethics course every three years and a fair housing training program every two years for both brokers and salespersons. For the initial two-year license term for salespersons, they must also have two hours of agency related instruction.

There are a few ways to fulfill your CE requirements: On-demand video lessons, home study, or classroom-based courses. On-demand videos are often the most affordable option, but they can be difficult to schedule around a busy schedule. If you prefer classroom-based courses, check with your local college or school to see what classes they offer.

If you choose a classroom-based class, it is important to have the necessary materials for the course and a way to keep track of your assignments. Some schools also provide a textbook and study guide to help you complete the course.

You can also complete your license renewal through an online course provider, such as MLS Campus. Most online schools offer multiple tiers of course completion, including an end-of-course test and a certification of completion that you can print out and display to your clients. Depending on the school, you may be able to find online courses that fit into your schedule and are approved by the state.