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The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

The indoor air quality in your home is often 5x-10x worse than outdoor air, making a thorough air duct cleaning essential. Dirty ductwork is a hotbed for bacteria, mold, allergens, and pet dander. The EPA considers poor indoor air quality one of the top five health risks in the country. Zerorez offers the most powerful and advanced air duct cleaning system on the market, which delivers a deep clean that lasts longer than traditional cleaning methods.


Costs of air duct cleaning depend on a number of factors, including the amount of ductwork and square footage of your home. A large property with many floors and ductwork can require more expensive services. Prices per square foot can range from $.15 to $.30, depending on the company and the amount of ductwork. For a smaller property, the cost per square foot will be less. However, if the job is extensive or involves complex cleaning, the price can reach as much as $.50 per square foot.

The cost of air duct cleaning depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of ductwork, the number of vents, and the amount of contamination in the ductwork. Other factors that affect air duct cleaning costs include the location of the ducts and labor costs.


If you’re having trouble breathing inside your home, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned. Dirty air ducts can cause upper and lower respiratory infections. The air ducts can contain bacteria and viruses that can travel throughout the air and affect the entire body. This can cause a variety of symptoms, including a runny nose and stuffy throat.

The first sign that you may need to get your ducts cleaned is when you notice the presence of dust on your surfaces. It may have been there for some time and is causing a buildup. If the ducts are dirty, dust will be everywhere. In addition to visible dust, your air ducts will also be filled with dust, which can affect the air quality inside your home.


There are several methods for air duct cleaning, including the use of a vacuum system to collect the dirt and debris. Another method is called air washing. In this method, air is pushed into the ductwork with Air duct cleaning the use of a vacuum system and air nozzle. The air is then decontaminated by applying a deodorizer.

Whether you have an attic or a basement system, air duct cleaning will improve the quality of air in your home. The duct components collect a lot of dust over time, and if moisture is present, microbes can grow. The spores from these microbes can irritate people’s respiratory systems and cause allergic reactions. The main goal of air duct cleaning is to keep your HVAC system free of pollutants. However, most homeowners don’t have the proper training to perform the process.

EPA certification

If you are considering hiring a professional air duct cleaner, it is a good idea to look for an EPA certification. While it is not required, some companies may advertise that they use environmentally-friendly or “green” products. Unfortunately, most of these products have not been tested by the EPA and you cannot be sure how safe they are without consulting a certified indoor environmental professional.

EPA certification does not guarantee a high level of clean, but it does provide helpful advice on how to avoid a high level of air pollution. EPA-certified air duct cleaners are more likely to follow strict standards. This means that their work is safer than those who do not have this certification. The EPA also recommends that all fuel-burning appliances are serviced before each heating season, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Health benefits

Air duct cleaning is an important health benefit for your home. It helps eliminate hazardous particles in the air, which will make the air inside your home more healthy for you and your family. Dust and other particles accumulate on surfaces in the home and get into your HVAC system, which circulates the air throughout your home. This dirty air can contribute to allergies and can produce a musty odor.

If you have allergies, air duct cleaning can help. This service can help to eliminate the source of your allergy and asthma symptoms. The cleaner air will make it easier for you to breathe. This helps prevent you from having sinus and bronchial congestion, which are common symptoms of dirty air.