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What to Expect From an EICR Certificate Near Me

Having an EICR is essential for any landlord to ensure that their property has no electrical issues. Faulty electrics are a leading cause of house fires and can be very dangerous to those living in the home. A good electrician will make sure that your wiring is safe to use by checking it against the latest British Standards. This article will give you a full overview of what to expect from an EICR inspection and how much it should cost.

The cost of an eicr certificate near me varies depending on the size of your property. For example, flats tend to be cheaper to inspect than houses. The average price for an EICR is PS100-PS230, although it can be higher depending on the complexity of your property’s power systems. This cost will also include any testing that requires the power to be switched off, such as dead tests and RCD tests.

What is an eicr certificate?

The EICR or electrical installation condition report is an official document that proves that your property’s electrics are safe to use. This is a legal requirement for any landlord who rents out their properties to tenants. Landlords must have an EICR carried out at least every five years to ensure that their tenants are safe in their homes. It’s also recommended that homeowners get their electrics inspected once every three to five years.

There are several reasons why you should have an EICR done on your property. The most important reason is to make sure that the electrical system in your property is safe to use. In the event of a fire, an EICR will show whether or not your wiring is up to date and not prone to faults. It will also verify that any DIY work that you have done is up to standard and won’t compromise the safety of your circuits and wiring.

An EICR will check the overall condition of your wiring and circuits, including the age, type and location of the cable. It will also examine the condition of switches, fuses and sockets. If any issues are found, the engineer will note them in the report and recommend any necessary repairs to be made.

The duration of an EICR will vary based on the size of your property and how many circuits need to be checked. On average, a small flat can take around an hour, while larger homes can take up to four hours to complete.

It is important to note that only a registered electrician can conduct an EICR. If you try to carry out the testing yourself, it will not be considered a valid EICR. Moreover, failure to follow the electrical safety regulations will result in fines and will invalidate your property insurance. Failing to do so will also make it illegal for you to rent out your property to tenants. This is why it is so important to hire a qualified and experienced electrician.