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Writing Samurai – A Creative Writing and Reading Activity

Writing Samurai is a creative writing and reading activity that teaches students about the history of the Japanese samurai. The activity includes reading activities that encourage students to process the information they have just read and creative writing activity that allows students to express their understanding of what they have learned by writing two haiku poems about battle, death, and nature!

In the middle of the 12th century, a new portable writing technology was developed for Japan by the samurai. This writing technology was called the yatate and it replaced the old traditional writing set. The yatate was light, portable and dependable, making it the perfect writing technology for the samurai!

The yatate was made of wood, leather or shinaikoku and resembled an arrow stand (Stutler, 2009). It had a brush and ink retainer that opened to reveal a piece of cotton or raw silk that was soaked in liquid ink. This was a revolutionary invention that helped the samurai to be more mobile and effective during their battles!

Using the yatate was also a great way for the to communicate with other samurai and samurai leaders. The samurai could send messages through the yatate that they had just conquered an area or that they were at a sacred site. They could also write a pilgrimage or spread the word of Shintoism!

It was also used to record and sketch images from their travels. This allowed them to share their journeys with others who were not able to make the trip themselves. This technology became very popular and was even documented by Katsushika Hokusai in his prints.

Another writing technology was created during this time, called the shinashi. This was a writing pen that was held by the hand and rubbed against paper to produce ink, much like a fountain pen. This was a writing technology that was very popular among the samurai and influenced Japanese literature and art.

The shinashi was very popular and is said to have helped the samurai learn about the Japanese culture, as well as help them to be more dependable in their battles! It also taught them how to be calm, patient and disciplined.

This was very important to the samurai because they were always in battle, so it was good for them to be strong and focused. This is why the shinashi was so popular and why it was a huge part of their life!

There are many different ways to be a writer, but if you want to be a successful writer, then you need to be patient and learn the craft of writing. You also need to keep practicing and hone your skills.

You also need to be polite and show respect to your readers, as they are the ones who will decide if you are a success or not! You need to be kind to other writers as well, as they are the ones who can teach you their writing skills.